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No matter why you want to live stream, using an existing platform may yield better results.

After all, building a fan base is key to making money this way, and it is easier to create that base on a popular site.

She enjoys helping businesses with the startup spirit grow.

Mackenzie has been writing in this field for six years and shows no signs of slowing.

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The customer accesses their chosen "cam girl" through the website and often gets a short time for free.Each of these platforms has a huge user base and rewards live content.Your followers can even get notifications every time you go live.While the company that operates the website takes a portion of the money you earn, you could end up making more simply because you will have more time to do so.For nonsexual content, consider Facebook, Instagram and You Tube for live streaming.If you don't want to sell sex, you can sell ads instead.Video blogging, or vlogging, is another way to make money without the sexual nature of other webcam work.You also must ensure that the way in which you take payments is secure.You don't want to be responsible for customers getting their data stolen.To set up a site like this, you have to have meaningful coding knowledge.After all, you must be able to stream video, take payments, translate those payments into tokens, block people from accessing video if they don't pay and keep everyone safe. There are technology companies, like Cam Studio Business, that are specially equipped to help budding webcam entrepreneurs start their sites.


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