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The buuzy around these parts will be just as likely to have fish as meat, and winds around the shore of Lake Baikal, offering one last stunning view, before the long haul east, through the Buryat capital Ulan Ude, across the mighty Amur River at Khabarovsk, towards Russia’s Pacific coast and…

Set among the peaks rising up from Golden Horn Bay, Vladivostok is some 9288km east of Moscow.

I don’t remember why I chose the topic, but I soon found myself drawn deeper and deeper into an ancient, confusing, and complex subject.

has all the classic dishes and kitsch you’ve come to expect, with an added youthful vibe.

Unfortunately, there is no fully satisfactory explanation for the three formats and their differences.

Leaving aside the Tibetan and Indian planetary names, the three sets of numbered names are as follows (transliteration for Mongolian is my own; that for Buryat is from Geonames): has as its original meaning ‘planet’, but thanks to the Tibetan-based names for days of the week it has come to mean ‘day of the week’ and, going further, ‘week’.

But it also offers an organic ‘farmer’s menu’ featuring wholesome dishes like Due to its proximity with Mongolia, Irkutsk and the wider Baikal area has many Mongolian influences.

The Buryat people are the Siberian descendants of the Mongols, dating back to the nomadic warriors of Chinghis Khan, and their cuisine can be found all over the region.


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