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A civilly divorce person without an anullment is not eligible for sacramental marriage. This person is dating you and becoming very emotionally attached to you.

Imagine then one day the annullment is denied and you need to stop seeing them. Therefore, I have to fall back on the old Christianity 101 adage of St.

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Still, we Catholics can use our reason to determine that ALL of our actions should be within the teachings of Christ and His Church.But holding hands, even kissing, can be done in a safe way.With respect to Saint Paul, I don’t think the scriptures or the Church should have to list out every single “don’t” – sometimes we have to use our reason.It doesn’t say in scripture or in the CCC that I shouldn’t spit up phlegm onto a public sidewalk, but my reason indicates that doing so would be an act of disrespect and selfishness (except, for example, in some extreme medical situation, of course).Perhaps the question then should be asked, “What is the purpose of dating?Romantic kissing done without any sense of commitment would almost certainly constitute a sin against chastity.What would be the point of kissing someone unless you were discerning a marriage in the future (perhaps even a long way into the future)?If you re-read the original poster she acknowledges that sexualty outside marriage is wrong. I guess I do not agree with others have posted here. Paul, that we are at liberty where something is not sinful.Now there are ways that dating would not be prudent, for example if one dated in a way that put one in near occasion of sin, like stopping over for a night cap.It is very unfair to that person and could cause them great distress. I decided to ask this question on here, since reading a few threads that deal with people who are dating others, but are going through the annulment process.Also what happens if you are in love and you choose to not stop dating each other, then your souls are in danger. What is the Church’s stance on being in the process of getting an annulment (and you are offiically legally divorced) and pursuing a dating relationship?


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