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All of the playlists selected for updating no longer

And, a power-on timer It comes with free software required for uploading/downloading and for updating the firmware or database.

The advanced features (notably beta Motorola X2-TDMA and Phase II TDMA support, more memory, and the scan sets) make it prized by advanced users but the incomplete menus, lack of a full keypad, and the absence of many key features from the 500/310 models turn a lot of people away.

i Cloud Music Library is a feature of Apple Music and i Tunes Match that allows you to access all of your content from any of your devices, as long as you're signed in to those devices with the same Apple ID and have i Cloud Music Library turned on.

Before following any of the steps in this article, make sure that your i Cloud Music Library is set up correctly and that you have the latest versions of i OS, mac OS, and i Tunes.

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I’m not really sure why the i Tunes playlists disappear during some transfers and updates, but it seems to happen randomly.Example: one setting for alerts on, another for the alert volume, and then another for the object to use an alert, all in different places in the menus.Attenuation is another setting that is in multiple menus (global, system, site, object) that has to be carefully checked along with the AGC settings.is (was) GRE's introduction to the "simple" digital scanner made for people with limited programming knowledge.The menus are fairly simple but not all self explanatory.The last time I ran into this I was moving i Tunes music from a PC to a new Mac which worked wonderfully until I discovered none of the playlists were there.Just moving the file and then reimporting it did the trick though.We now have unlimited memory available on a micro SD card along with the .Like the PSR500/310, the PSR800 uses Object Oriented Memory for storing channels but now has 201 scan lists. It has a few new features including a recent firmware update that allows you to add channels to scan lists based on your zip code/city/county, the nicer 'Bold' font the 310/410 uses, programmable flash patterns for the alert LED and/or the backlight, and a real-time battery meter.The scanner also has 20 scan sets that allow you to group your scan lists into sets to make it easier to select them. There are options for dealing with encrypted talkgroups that include silence, an adjustable tone, or hearing the garbled transmission as is.You can also record specific channels then save and playback the audio later.


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